The Story About The Delivery Project

There are really testing times which we are facing due to COVID-19 Outbreak , Government has pass down 21 days lockdown in order to curb the outbreak and contain it. During this time it is utmost important to maintain social distancing and crowding local stores. I saw numerous queries on whatsapp and social media regarding the confusing state of supplies availability. I was in Dilemma as well. Thought of this idea to serve the society better in accordance with the lockdown protocols laid down. This is completely a Non Profit Initiative. The complete cost of this project interface is borne by DIGISAS. I am really thankful to My Wife , all the volunteers, officials , Security of Nanded City and Pune Police for making this possible. This Project was created in a Record Time of 15 Hours working non stop overnight 🙂 after votes were collected. Thank You all who voted , gave suggestions and enrolled for being a Volunteer. Now We will overcome this together , the outbreak and lockdown ! We need volunteers to support this initiative , kindly contact me on 9028781024 if you feel you would be able to support this cause.
Jai Hind ! Stay Home & Stay Safe.

Why Choose Us

Timely Delivery

Volunteers will deliver based on nature of emergency.

Protocols Followed

We will follow all the protocols laid down by the government.

Fresh And Clean Products

We will try to procure fresh and clean products.

Systematic Process

We will be following a systematic process in order to serve you.

We Are Volunteers






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For Being A Volunteer